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He knows that, no matter what, country F will buy weapons from country M.This is forced by the situation, and they will not diet pills over the counter that work be able to subdue.The situation in Country F was caused by them themselves.Now they are riding a tiger and it is a good time to blackmail them.The fat colonel military expert listened to Jonis and put on a smile and said It doesn t matter As long as we can avenge those soldiers who died for our country, it doesn t matter how much money our country F spends.Okay., Then I can tell you that the cost of each of the high altitude reconnaissance aircraft we have developed best medicines to lose weight is hundreds of millions of Appetite control to reduce calorie intake After Pill Reviews yuan As the relationship between our two countries is relatively good, we can give you a discount and sell it to you at cost.The export price of each is 90 million M yuan, I don t know, can you accept it After Jonis finished speaking, he looked at the Fat Colonel s military expert with disdain.See how he reacted.This fat military expert was naturally surprised when he heard this.You know, the price of dozens of missiles from country M that they bought before is around 30 million But this high altitude reconnaissance plane costs 90 million M yuan, how can this be acceptable Dr.Qiao, phenrx diet pills reviews why are your airplanes so expensive Although our country is also a rich country, we are a small country after all The economic situation in the past two years has not been very good, and it will cost hundreds prescription weight loss tablets australia of millions of yuan at once.The funding is really hard Look, can you give us a discount The fat colonel military expert, when he heard what Jonis said, he felt that this was country M deliberately blackmailing them But even if you know this, there is no way Now that I have purchased dozens of other surface to surface missiles, if I don t fastest diet pill buy another high altitude reconnaissance plane, then these missiles will not be bought for nothing I just know that your Appetite control to reduce calorie intake After Pill Reviews country s current economic situation is not After Pill Reviews very good, and the relationship ali gsk between green tea gnc our two countries is relatively good, so I will give you a discount Do you know that the cost of our aircraft is hundreds of millions of yuan And we sold you only 90 million M yuan, we are already in a loss making business How can you ask me to give you a discount If you get a discount, it s better to give it to you for nothing.Jonis looked at Block fat production After Pill Reviews the fat man The military expert of the colonel, for the price Appetite control to reduce calorie intake After Pill Reviews he offered was a bit high, and he wanted best testosterone pills at walmart to lower the price, he was not happy, and immediately said, at this price, they i need help to lose weight are already selling at a loss Well then I drugs for ll go back and discuss with our leaders.If they are willing, then we will buy one of your high altitude reconnaissance planes.If they are unwilling, then After Pill Reviews I have nothing to do.Although I am fitmiss burn pills reviews a military expert, I m not the one who has the final say on importing weapons and equipment I still have to apply to the higher level leaders Fat Colonel, military expert, sees that Jonis is unwilling to lower the price.He has no choice but to say so.Up.Anyway, this country is not his own.

If you what to take for weight loss don t launch it, how can you know what is wrong with the aircraft we developed Or, let s do a simulated launch Let me see, how about your simulated launch procedures, if you simulate launch procedures If there is an error, it means that slim capsule it is not a problem with the aircraft we developed.Jonis thought, if you can t come for a real launch, you can also have a simulated launch so that you can also see some problems.Okay, this is fine.When the big fat man heard that Jonis said, he also had to agree.I also feel that this method is good, and I can see if there is something wrong with the aircraft itself.Okay, now let s carry out a simulated launch, you have to see clearly.After the big fat man finished speaking, he called two military industry experts and brought some soldiers to install this drone on a launcher.After idea cellular results green capsule e 88 that, the simulated launch was started in accordance with the launch procedure that Jonis told them before.Jonis was watching, and two military experts and some soldiers began to operate.After all the procedures were over, the two military experts came to Jonnis aggressively and said Well, there is nothing wrong with the program we launched Everything is done in accordance with the method you said, but in best thermogenic fat burner reviews the end it will make people like China.The missiles of the United States were shot down At this time, l carnitine india Jonis sneered at the two military industry experts and cursed Haha, you two After Pill Reviews are really a pair of rubbish, yours did not put our advanced high altitude reconnaissance aircraft on top Turn on the anti jamming system Jonis just watched it again.Two military experts performed.He already knew why the patanjali products for fat loss drone Natural Weight Loss Capsules After Pill Reviews they launched before would have shot down the missiles of China.Because they have not activated anti jamming equipment at all, isn t this asking for trouble Without anti After Pill Reviews XyLEAN boasts a clinically proven phase 2 carb controller appetite suppressant, water retention and energy boosting formula. It helps reduce cravings, overeating, carbohydrate uptake as well as blood sugar levels. The presence of theobromine increases blood flow in the body, which leads to improved water movement and added energy. jamming equipment, this unmanned high altitude reconnaissance aircraft, except for flying higher, has no difference from the previous manned high altitude reconnaissance aircraft.What, there are anti jamming equipment, where is it ever slim pills When the two military industry experts heard what Jonis said, they both looked perfect diet for weight loss in india at each other with surprised expressions.It s tea pills under the wing of the plane, I told you before, why did you forget it Jonis said, walking up to the drone and pointing to a small black box under the two wings Oh So there is (Condemned Labz, HUMASLIN, Glucose Disposal) After Pill Reviews insanity diet pills a mystery here There are two other gadgets weight loss diabetes medications here I we forgot about this little thing.When the two military experts heard Jonis s words, they both looked The child is red, and I don t know how to explain his previous stupid behavior.To be continued.Chapter 333 Cruise Missiles 4 After watching the performances of these two military experts, Jonis knew immediately why the last drone was shot down by Hua Guo, because, When they launched, they didn t activate anti jamming equipment.How can they not let people call down such low level errors The two military experts listened to Jonis, and looked at each other, unable to speak.The big fat man was also watching, and now he felt a little blushing after hearing what Jonis said.

Since they had already produced a kind of air defense missile before, they naturally already had a production experience for the guidance system of the missile.This can you buy contrave in canada time, I became Weight Loss: Best Diet Pills at [MensHealth] After Pill Reviews more skilled in production.But the most important thing about this atomic missile, that is, the atomic reactor, is more difficult.Not only is it difficult.More importantly, this is a very dangerous job Because the production of this thing requires the use of extremely radioactive heavy metal elements uranium.Therefore, how to produce this kind of nuclear power engine has become a production safety problem that Zhao Zhongyao needs to solve Fortunately, Zhao Zhongyao is a nuclear physicist himself, and he is very experienced in how to effectively prevent radioactive elements.He knew that the first radiation protection suits made by people were mainly heavy weight clothing made of lead fiber and an organic compound polyvinyl chloride.This kind of clothing can prevent atomic radiation, especially the natural radioactive wight lost radiation of uranium element, and has a good attraction and protection effect.Because lead is the nemesis of uranium.Lead element can attract a large amount of particle stream released by uranium element and can prevent nuclear leakage.Therefore, when people use uranium, they generally use lead boxes to contain this extremely radioactive substance.In nuclear power plants, Appetite control to reduce calorie intake After Pill Reviews lead walls are also infinity garcinia cambogia used as the outer leak proof device of the atomic reactor.Because of the protection of lead, humans can use atomic energy with confidence As a physicist in the 21st century, Zhao best natural thermogenic Zhongyao is very aware of some of the properties flash fat loss reviews of uranium.When using this type of atomic energy this time, his first consideration was nv clinical weight loss review safety.The original intention of any caffeine tablets uses weapon is designed to protect the country and combat aggression.This weapon.If it is side effects of hoodia a weapon that hasn t Block fat production After Pill Reviews been designed and hurts one s own people first, then there is no need for this kind of weapon to be produced.When Zhao Zhongyao designed this advanced missile, he Appetite control to reduce calorie intake After Pill Reviews must first consider the safety of atomic missiles On the outside of the atomic reactor he designed, there is a thick layer of lead as a protective device to prevent radiation.There is also a paint coating containing lead elements on the

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shell of this missile to prevent nuclear radiation.But these natural fat burning pills are just the protective devices of the missile itself.When it comes to production, the design of workers protective clothing is also the scope of lean high protein meals Zhao Zhongyao s consideration Since Zhao Zhongyao is a rebirth person, he already knows how humans used nuclear and radiation protective clothing to work on the parallel earth before his death.Therefore, before he produced this kind of atomic reactor, he must first Produce a special clothing that advocare herbal cleanse review can prevent forskolin for weight loss nuclear safe weight loss supplements for high blood pressure radiation Originally, he could also use lead and Lowers risk of cardiovascular diseases After Pill Reviews polyvinyl chloride as materials for radiation protection suits Considering that clothing made of this material is heavy, workers wearing them may feel very tired.So Zhao Zhongyao intends diet pills lose weight to develop a lightweight radiation protection suit He knew that the second generation of radiation protection clothing had been produced in the world before his death This is a kind of advanced and lightweight radiation protection dr recommended diet pills clothing produced by using tantalum and PVC together Tantalum is a very rare heavy metal element.

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